Photography Friday! Color Atlas @ White Linen Night 2013

Last Saturday night was White Linen Night, a yearly arts-centric celebration that takes place on Julia Street, the heart of the New Orleans Arts District. In homage to the heat, everyone who is anyone shows up to walk down Julia wearing their finest white clothes and check out the art installations in galleries up and down the street. My little marketing firm, Cathedral Creative Studios, is located at the back of a gallery / events space called L’Entrepot, and this year it was left to me to decide what we’d be doing to get the biggest bang for our buck during White Linen.

Happily, I came up with the idea for what turned out to be a pretty cool art exhibit. I contacted several local arts collaborations – artist teams – and asked them to design an installation based on a place. The place could be large, small, imaginary, spiritual, elemental, physical, but it had to fit inside a 20′ x 20′ square and focus primarily on one color chosen from the Pantone Fall 2013 collection. Around 1,000 people experienced the event, getting the artists and our gallery some great publicity. I’m pretty happy, overall. Here are some snapshots from that night.


Owl by artist Kyle Nugent. You guys probably know that purple is my favorite color and owls are my favorite animal, so when I walked in the gallery and saw this for the first time, you can only imagine my reaction 🙂







To find out more about the show and its artists, please visit:

Also, if you’d like to see the show from more angles (and in film):

Photos on L’Entrepot’s FB Page

Video of White Linen Night, featuring the Color Atlas show (and a silly clip of me around 1:37) by my friend & coworker Gary

The New Orleans ADDY Awards

My beautiful team of coworkers and I won two awards last weekend at the New Orleans ADDYs! We won gold for a leasing brochure produced for Time Warner Center, and silver for an integrated marketing campaign created for a local nonprofit called NO/AIDS Task Force. I had just started working at Cathedral Creative Studios when the leasing brochure was created, so technically our award doesn’t have anything to do with me. However, I was very deeply involved with NO/AIDS’ Art Against AIDS campaign, and actually created the entire online strategy for marketing the event. I’m so psyched that less than a year after graduating with my Master’s in Internet Marketing, I’m already an award-winning strategist! Even better is the knowledge that it only gets better from here.

I had a talk with my boss the other day, and it turns out that my responsibilities at Cathedral will be growing substantially in the near future. It’s fantastic to know that I not only get to work with such fun, fantastic and fearless guys, but I’m also given so much support and love on a daily basis. I can’t begin to stress how wonderful it is to have finally found a workplace to call “home” after so many years of searching. I’m a little scared that I’m not prepared to take the big steps that I’m going to have to be taking pretty soon, but I have a plan for getting prepared and learning the skills I need to thrive in this career of mine.

Here’s a couple of silly snapshots I took of myself the night of the event. It was a 1940’s-themed event, and I scored the best outfit pretty much last minute. Bought my very first (and definitely not my last) dress from Trashy Diva (called “Honey Child” – how appropriate!), and paired it with a fun feathered hair clip and bold red lips for a vintage look. It was a hit, too – just wish someone had taken a better photo.