Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (Memories of the Adriatic)

Croatian Beach, Anna Harris

Rocks on a tiny beach – Lovran, Croatia.

Lifeboats, Photo by Anna Harris

Lifeboats in the harbor – Ancona, Italy

Fresh Catch, Photo by Anna Harris

Fish market – Split, Croatia

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge asks that we post photos illustrating our idea of the sea. These three snapshots are from my trip to Italy and Croatia last summer, and serve as melancholy reminders that in a life divorced from the water, I can only be half of myself.

When I think of the sea, I think of love, wholeness, peace. And eels, of course 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree



On my last morning in Crystal Beach, TX last month, my friends and I went out searching for seashells. It wasn’t the best day for finding shells, but it was a lovely day to just appreciate being alive. At 8:30 in the morning on a Tuesday, the beach was quiet and mostly empty. The sun was warm, and the water cool. Silty Gulf beach sand squished under my toes.

I caught sight of a middle-aged couple walking happily, hand in hand, and couldn’t resist taking a little snapshot to save the memory. They looked so happy and relaxed, just like I felt at the moment. For just a little while, we had all given ourselves permission to be carefree. It was such a great way to spend a long weekend. Can’t wait to visit again.

Photography Fri…I mean…Sunday! Beach Vacation

Kind of funny that today’s Daily Post prompt would be to describe our world without a computer. Just a week ago, I arrived at a little place called Crystal Beach, on the Bolivar Peninsula of Texas. The address of my host’s beachhouse can’t be found on a GPS or Google Maps, and Internet is still so new in that little part of the world that I was advised to “just forget about it” for the duration of my trip. So for the most part, I did. I still had cell service and enough connectivity to do a little social media-ing, but other than that I just took a couple days to rest and recharge my batteries.

I spent a lot of time with my toes in the sand, just looking out over the horizon. My friends and I played Farkle, hung out on the beach, watched my friend Trin’s son play happily, and just took the time to enjoy being together in such a beautiful little spot. I didn’t miss my computer at all – in fact, the whole experience made me more resolved to find a way to only use this thing for good someday. No playing around, just working to make a difference, then logging off and living my life at the end of the day. A girl can dream, right?