Limbs for Life – and Mordor?

Great news! I heard back from the Limbs for Life Foundation yesterday, and they’re really excited to work with me on making my 2016 walk “to Mordor and back” into a fundraising opportunity. Even better, it turns out that if I add just a little more distance onto my original plan (3,500 miles instead of 3,404 miles), then aim to raise just $1 a mile, I can raise enough money to buy a full prosthetic for an above-the-knee amputee like my dad! I’ll be putting together my fundraising page this week, and will post more info soon.

In the mean time, if anyone else would like to join up and walk for a cause this year, let me know! All you need is a pedometer, a place to keep track of your mileage, and the interest in helping amputees get back on their feet again (literally).

My interest isn’t in getting other people to walk 3,500 miles in a year – or even 365 miles in a year, which is totally doable, but beside the point – it’s in getting my friends to be active to the best of their abilities, and using that activity to do good for others. I’m going to be reaching out to local businesses to see about getting matching funds or straight donations, and will be campaigning throughout this year to see if we can raise money for at least one leg, but maybe even two. It would be awesome to have the money for two arms and two legs, but let’s just get started with setting up the fundraiser first, and go on from there.

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