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(The Return of) Photography Friday! Murder Mystery Dinner Edition

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It’s been awhile since my last installment of Photography Friday! – sorry about the delay. Since moving to my new neighborhood, I’ve been getting back into taking snapshots of my day, so I’m planning to get back into the habit of sharing my week in photos again on a regular basis. First up, though, here are some fun snapshots from last night. As I’ve been mentioning here and there (OK, you’ve got me – everywhere) […]

Living Alone

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Musings / Photography

Lately I dwell On who I will become. How will I live When I am old and gray? I am scared - So much on my shoulders. Where will I settle To wait until I die? Once I thought Things had been mapped. I wasn’t happy But at least I’d be taken care of. Then I gambled; Still gambling, I guess. My life is now my own - The path a mystery. Where will I […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Objects & Oddities

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I collect a strange mixture of objects and ephemera: vintage and antique tea tins (especially WWII era, preferably Meinl & some Russian brands), watercolor paintings of circus freaks, vintage and antique illustrated copies of Arabian Nights Entertainments and related books, porcelain from West Germany and Czechoslovakia, vintage and antique Asian jewelry boxes, black & white photographs of servicemen from any army, and odd cultural bits and pieces that I feel particularly drawn to, like a […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community (or the lack of)

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I walk to work each morning. It’s only four blocks, but I never fail to see something that makes me think, laugh, or wonder. Today, just a half block from my house, I found tears instead. This cardboard sign once belonged to one of the many homeless people who live under the overpass by my house. They beg at almost every corner, but most people just keep walking/driving/ignoring. It’s mind-blowing. What happened to the concept […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light (On My Favorite Cat)

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Cats / Photography

Yeah, I know I’ve already posted one entry for this week’s challenge, but yesterday I caught an interesting glimpse of my cat Isabel through the camera lens, and thought it was worth sharing. We’re technically supposed to be sharing a light source, but you’ll have to take this at the more metaphysical level – she’s the light of my life, and also has a way of shining brighter when there’s a camera trained in her […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

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Though all of my friends started going to concerts when they were pretty young – 12 or 13 years old – I wasn’t allowed out of the house without adult supervision until I reached 16. It was a little longer before I finally managed to convince my mom that live music would not get me pregnant or make me a drug addict, so when the day came that I was allowed out to see my […]

Behind The Scenes At A Photo Shoot

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Beauty & Style / Photography

So it’s that time of year again – time for the Fall Fashion Bazaar. This is the one time of year that I get to do EXACTLY what it is that I love – coordinate an event, make connections (for myself and other people), and help the New Orleans arts community grow and thrive. The event is a one-day pop up shop, and this year we’ve expanded to fourteen local fashion and accessory designers. It’s […]

Another New Orleans Halloween

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Getting decked out in costume is a favorite New Orleans pastime, and The Man and I are both particularly keen on Halloween. I was hoping that we’d get to spend our favorite holiday somewhere a bit spookier, like a couple of years ago when we went to Salem, MA for the big day. But that was not to be this year; our budgets and schedules were both reluctant to comply with our wishes. That’s OK, […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

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As I walk around the city, I often find myself stopping to stare, jaw dropped, at the play of shadow and light on architectural fabric. There’s something about sunlight stretching across brick, or living out its last moments, splayed across a graffiti tag. In New Orleans, where many buildings are a century or two old, it’s easy to wonder how many times this precise combination of light and shadow has happened, and who was the […]